Industrial Unit.

JALC Group secured the groundworks and externals package with minor demolition works.
Uplift and cart away existing block paving including sand bed.
Break out, uplift and cart away existing tarmacadam surface and kerb line.
Excavate to reduce levels remaining ground within proposed extension footprint and cart all excavated materials away from site.
New pad foundations.
Excavate for new ground slab and cart all excavated materials away from site.
Lay 6f2 / MOT and compact prepped for new slab.
Excavate trenches, supply and install new 150mm dia. Pipework, bed and surround with class S bedding, backfill with MOT stone and mechanically compact.
Excavate for and supply and install new rainwater gully hoppers, concreted into position and connected to newly installed drainage.
Supply and lay new 600x600mm precast concrete pavings on 50mm sand bed to form new footpath.
Supply and install new concrete filled high impact security bollard, concreting into position.
Supply and lay MOT stone to provide suitable sub base materials for new parking spaces and mechanically compact.
Apply new thermoplastic markings to demarcate parking bay.
Make good any disturbed areas on completion.

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